#A24BehindTheTech: Adewale Yusuf


A lot happens in the Nigerian tech ecosystem deals, acquisitions, hiring and firing, the rise of one developer community here and the rise of another community there. In the last 3 to 4 years, no local media platform has done a more thorough job of reporting the goings-on in the ecosystem than Adewale Yusuf’s Techpoint. What started as a blog has grown into a full digital media company, complete with video, events, and community building offerings. What makes Techpremier Media’s CEO Adewale and the publication, Techpoint’s roles so important, apart from the work done reporting the Lagos ecosystem, is the conscious effort to cover tech development across the rest of Nigeria.

Techpoint has toured the north and south of the country, covering the underreported regions and talking to those who would ordinarily have been forgotten and overshadowed by the Lagos ecosystem hype. Adewale and Techpoint are working hard to remind the country, the continent, and the world that there’s more to Nigerian tech than Lagos.


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