#A24BehindTheTech: Benji Coetzee


Benji Coetzee is the founder and CEO of EmptyTrips.com, an online trip exchange program using smart technology to match and connect spare capacity on trucks, trains, planes or ships. She bootstrapped her business, but at some point, needed more runway. In addition to providing a superb service to its customers, EmptyTrips reduces carbon emissions by optimizing the use of trucks and trains. It has been described as a ‘Uber for cargo’. Commenting on the reasons for creating her company, Coetzee said “The cost of transport in Africa is actually the highest per kilometre in the world according to the World Bank, and this does not make much sense when you see a lot of empty trucks or trains running in Africa, especially in South Africa. If there is an over-supply of the asset and there is limited demand on the cargo, we should actually have one of the lowest costs per kilometer.” Last year, Coetzee won big at the Singularity University SA Summit for her AI-enabled transport marketplace. The Forbes tech entrepreneur will be heading to Silicon Valley to take part in the Singularity University Sprint Program.


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