#A24BehindTheTech: Mark Essien


Mark Essien is a Nigerian entrepreneur, software developer and startup investor. He is the founder and CEO of Hotels.ng, one of the first and most successful online hotel booking websites in Nigeria. Before founding Hotels.ng, Mark Essien had previously built a file sharing software called Gnumm (acquired by Snoopstar.com), followed by a language learning startup called Ingolingo. Behind some of the biggest talents in the Nigerian tech ecosystem is Mark Essien’s Hotels.ng. Through its internship programmes, Mark’s startup has helped groom many of Nigeria’s best software developers. He also opens his company’s building in Yaba up for regular community meetups and small events, for free. Mark uses his influence as one of the ecosystem’s earliest success stories to foster collaboration. He also lends his voice to social and economic issues, both directly and indirectly related to the tech ecosystem.


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