#A24BehindTheTech: Maya Horgan Famodu


Maya Horgan Famodu is a venture capital investor and entrepreneur. She founded Ingressive Capital, a $5 Million venture fund focused on early stage African tech, and Ingressive, a tech integration company that provides market entry services and tech research for corporates and investors, and operates their Africa strategy over time. Ingressive’s past clients include top Silicon Valley investors and corporate Y Combinator, 500 Startups, New Relic, USAID, GitHub, and Techstars to name a few. Clients have made over 20 investments into Africa-based tech, and started numerous joint ventures through Ingressive’s market entry services. Their annual conference, High Growth Africa Summit, convened 750 investors, developers, and African technology companies for two days on how to launch, scale, and fund a high growth African business.

Maya attended Pomona College after completing the Cornell University Prelaw Program, and worked within the banking sector for JPMorgan Chase. Before starting Ingressive, Maya conducted extensive emerging market economic research in Southern Africa and LatAm, taking students with her to explore keys to sustainable economic development. She also worked in private equity research, consulting with businesses looking to enter the West African market. Ms. Horgan-Famodu is committed to ensuring brilliant people, wherever they are located, have access to the resources they need to build wildly scalable businesses. In her spare time, Maya loves to exercise, ride her motorcycle, and travel. She also dances, choreographs, and contributes to the Huffington Post.


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