#A24BehindTheTech: Nasir Yammama


Nasir Yammama is a 26-year-old, northern Nigerian with a knack for technology. Nasir was raised as a farmer’s child and most of his siblings are still active farmers. Once Nasir became old enough he ventured out from the fields and into Institute and Creative Technology at Middlesex University, London. This is where he began his technology interest which would later develop into something very distinct and close to home. Nasir developed the company Verdant. Verdant is an AgriTech value chain company that offers solutions to support farmers and other stakeholders for improved food production using novel technologies. They aim at providing agricultural extension market information, managerial support, and access to markets & financial services to rural farmers with unique mobile technologies. For farmers in Nigeria, this technology is game-changing. It offers them a way to receive the most productivity out of their land and resources.

Using their access to scientific data and a partnership with financial institutions and even governments, Verdant intends to turn information into insights for the farmers and present it to them in a convenient manner that will enable precise decision making on the farm and also offer them unique services like access to market, agricultural credit, index insurance and warehousing so as to get more productivity and value out of their farming and thereby guarantee food security and improve living standards. Verdant brings together all the stakeholders and major players in the agricultural value chain as well as the overall industry under one platform. This involves the farmer, buyers & agro-industries, research agencies, governments and financial institutions.


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