#A24BehindTheTech: Tejumade Afonja


Tejumade Afonja is the co-founder of AI Saturdays Lagos, an artificial intelligence community in Lagos, Nigeria where she and her team offer free-to-attend classes on Data science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for 16 consecutive Saturdays through structured study groups. She is also an Intel Software Innovator for Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria. She works as an AI Engineer at InstaDeep Nigeria where she builds, test Machine Learning models and deploy these models to create an AI-Infused application. She has previously worked as a Front-end Engineer at 2ilabs, a company behind products like MoLearn, StayOn, Alvie and Talo.

She is extremely passionate about Artificial Intelligence and its potential to improve life without opening up or exacerbating inequalities but she understands that in order to truly achieve this, locations in which AI is done will have to be widened and ambitious goals to democratize AI education will need to be set and she is on a mission to help bridge this gap of Artificial Intelligence in Nigeria through AI Saturdays Classes.


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