British Airways Cancelled Over 672 Flights.


British Airways officials have said over 672 flights were cancelled in the space of two days due to last months IT failure.

The airlines parent company IAG said over the period of two days 479 flights were cancelled on the 27th of May and 193 were cancelled on the 28th of May respectively.

The airline is currently conducting investigations to examine every aspect of the power failure to avoid a repeat.

The airline also said they are working on compensating affected passengers as soon as possible.

Travellers affected are told to make claims for compensation via the British airways website. Due to the large amount of requests the company has also had to bring in extra staff.

The airline said it’s aim was to authorise payment for all claims within 14 days of receipt.

Around 75,000 BA customers were affected by the power surge which disrupted the carriers baggage, operations and power processing systems.


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