Game of Thrones’s last season is all set


It looks like HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer is on its way to a record-breaker. The video has been viewed 61 million times across digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others, in the first 24 hours since its debut, according to HBO. That’s believed to be the most distributed views for a TV show trailer ever in a 24-hour period.

The buzz started with GoT’s “Long Walk to the Throne” promo, which is the premium cabler’s most watched tease/promo/trailer ever with 67.6 million distributed views to date since March 30, 2017 when it went online. It broke the HBO record which was previously held by GoT Season 6 trailer which garnered 63.5 million lifetime views. HBO’s most watched online content ever, not exclusive to promos, is the “Donald Drumpf” segment from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, with 98 million lifetime views.

If you haven’t seen the Season 7 trailer yet, you can watch it here.


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