Golden State Dominate Cavaliers.


The golden state warriors took the lead in the NBA finals series with a 22 point victory over the Cleveland cavaliers.
Kevin Durant finished the game with a game high 38 points with Stephen Curry adding 28 of his own points. Lebron James on the other hand led the Cavaliers with 28 points and 15 rebounds.

Golden State had an overall dominating performance having just four turnovers all game to the Cavaliers twenty turnovers.The win was not in doubt for most of the game, with Golden State enjoying the luxury of having four all star’s in their starting lineup with which Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry were all the team needed offensively to run up the score on the cavaliers.

The win ensures Golden State maintain their unbeaten run in this years playoffs and tie the longest post season winning streak in NBA history at 13-0.

The teams will return to the Oracle Arena on Sunday for game 2 of the finals as Cleveland will try to keep Golden State from stretching their winning streak to 14.


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