Nigeria’s Refugee Crisis


    Boko Haram is an Islamic Extremist group based in northeastern Nigeria. The group are an extreme religious group and has targeted Christians and Muslims alike, rebelling against the Nigerian government to form an Islamist state.

    Since 2009, the group has killed more than 20,000 and displaced more than 2.3 million, of whom 1.3 million are children.

    In 2014 the group killed more than 6,600 and abducted 276 schoolgirls from Chibok, Nigeria.

    In 2015, The Global Terrorism Index named Boko Haram the world’s deadliest terror group, ahead of ISIS. Just under 2 million have been displaced in Nigeria so far, according to the UNHCR.

    Maiduguri State, Nigeria is estimated to host between 1.2 million to 2 million refugees. In August of 2016, the government began to investigate the theft of food from refugee camps by officials.

    In one feeding center, between 10 and 25 percent of children die.In a northeast Nigerian aid camp more than 1,200 people have died of starvation and illness. One fifth of the 800 children suffered from malnourishment and almost 500 had died.

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