Lagoon Hospitals Best HealthCare Provider

Lagoon Hospital

Lagoon Hospitals has been awarded the 2017 best Private healthcare Provider at the Nigeria Healthcare Excellence Award (NHEA). The hospital was recognized for providing adequate and quality primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services.

A jury team determined the winner of the award, votes were also taken from the  e-voting platform, with the Advisory Committee of the NHEA, having the final decision.

The awards celebrates people and health institutions who have contributed immensely to research and growth in the Nigerian medical sector.

Chief Executive Officer, Lagoon hospitals, Mr. Rajeev Bhandari, said the award symbolises that the vision of the hospital is being achieved. He also said, “For us, there is no limit we will go to ensure Nigerians receive the highest quality of care they deserve, hence stemming the high medical tourism from Nigeria to other countries.”

Bhandari said the hospital would continue to upgrade its medical facilities to meet the demand for healthcare in the country.


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