Manila Killer Leaves 36 People Dead.


An unidentified gunman stormed the casino at Resorts World Manila, leaving 36 people and many more injured before burning himself to death.

The gunman stormed the casino at Resorts World Manila, a complex of hotels, restaurants, stores and a gambling area, in the early hours of Friday morning. He fled with stolen casino chips worth at least $2.3m.

Filipino Police CCTV image of man believed to be killer.

The national police chief, Ronald dela Rosa, said security footage showed the gunman ignoring a guard who tried to question him at the complex’s entrance, then going straight to the casino. He stuffed a backpack with gambling chips, fired an assault rifle at TV screens and set gambling tables on fire by pouring gasoline on to them from a two-litre bottle, Dela Rosa said.

Most of the victims are thought to have been women who suffocated on smoke from the fires as desperate guests and gamblers climbed over each other to get to the exits in a rush to save their lives.

Several witnesses have come forward to describe details of the horrific experience, with most saying they were shocked when they saw heard gunshots.

It is currently unclear what the motives of the killer were but police suggest “either he wanted to recoup his losses or he went totally nuts”.



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