New Minister of Digital Economy draws the ire of Nigerian Twitter

Nigerians had attacked the-then NITDA CEO Isah Pantami for the tweet; which many derided for its simplistic and questionable logic.


Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isah Pantami, once drew the ire and ridicule of Nigerians for a comment he posted on social media. This was prior to his appointment as Minister.

Pantami, a former Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA); had apparently been concerned about the nefarious use of social media to spread fake news and inaccuracies. Therefore, the Gombe-born former lecturer decided to share some words of advice to Nigerians on the matter. Subsequently, he had gone ahead to make a controversial statement on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

Pantami posted the tweet on his official Twitter page.

Specifically, Pantami had tweeted; “Do you remember that, Angels are reading all your tweets and recording good reward for you or sin against you according to the quality & accuracy of your tweets. Recall that we are being assessed by Angels even on social media. Pls tweet good & verified information.”

As a matter of fact, Pantami, a Harvard, Cambridge and MIT-trained scholar, had faced a huge backlash on Twitter.

Nigerians had attacked the-then NITDA CEO for the tweet; which many derided for its simplistic and questionable logic. Furthermore, some outraged Nigerians had even gone as far as calling his educational credentials into question.

See tweet below:

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