Nigeria’s Newest Airline.


A new budget airline is set to launch itself into the Nigerian domestic aviation market, “JetWest” is set to make its maiden voyage in December. The airline has already started its back operations in Lagos, Nigeria and the team is aiming high.

The founder of the venture Mr Dikko Nwachukwu an entrepreneur who has a background in avaiation said the vision of the new airline “JetWest” is to make air travel accessible for more people.

Nwachukwu believes there are vast opportunities in the Nigerian aviation industry in which existing airlines have not fully taken advantage of.

Nwachukwu stated that JetWest want to do for travel what cell phones did for telecoms. He said “Fifteen years ago there were less than one million phone lines in Nigeria and now there are 100 million…We could have 100 million (air) travelers, and I know jetWest will be in the middle of the revolution.”

JetWest has started putting its name out to the world as it social  media accounts are already creating a buzz.




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