Simon Cowell Plans Grenfell Tower Charity.


Simon Cowell has said he plans to release a charity single for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. The music mogul said plans were already in full swing and he’s already contacted all record label heads to get the project off.

Simon Cowell said ‘I hope it will prick a few people’s consciousness and it might spur someone on to do something else,’ he said. ‘We can do more than just a record. We will record it Sunday at the latest Monday, people who can’t make it physically to the studio we can record their vocals wherever they are in the world”.

He added he would like to get Adele on the song after what she did for the victims. Adele visited the site and gave comfort to the affected families.

All proceeds from the single would be given to the families affected by the fire. Simon Cowell has been involved in a similar project before when he recorded a charity single for the Haiti earthquake.




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