The iPhone Turns 10


The original iPhone hit stores on the  29th of June, 2007 and has sold over  1 billion iPhones since then.

The iPhone had a rocky debut which led to Apple slashing its price so as to accelerate sales.

Ten years down the line, the iPhone has started somewhat of a  smartphone revolution and consistently creates conversations as to what direction it is headed in.

The iPhone Evolution over 10 years.

Tony Fadell, one of  Apple’s developers said “The business model for year one of the iPhone was a disaster.” He however added that “We pivoted and figured it out in year two.”

The iPhone hit its stride in 2008 when Apple introduced the App Store, which allowed developers to make and distribute their mobile applications with Apple taking a cut of any revenue.

Apple is currently the most valuable company in the world at the moment with a market cap of about three-quarters of a trillion dollars, thanks mostly to the success of the iPhone.

Although most of the world’s smartphones now run on Android, Apple still gathers most of the profit in the industry with its generally higher-priced devices.

Users and investors of the phone likewise are looking forward to the 10th anniversary iPhone 8, expected this September.

Asking whether it will deliver enough new features to spark a new generation to turn to Apple.



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