Things that can pose a challenge to couples sex lives


Some sex experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water daily to stay lubricated. Most times, women get more vaginal infections with frequent sex and they wonder why. Basically, during sex, the man’s penis can push some rectal bacteria present near the woman’s vaginal opening into her urethra, thereby causing infections. But couples are always advised to make sure that their genitals are cleansed with soap before having sex. Also urinating immediately after sex will help. Sometimes while having a bath, some ladies who have just got married become alarmed if they locate a piece of whitish tissue hanging from their vagina, especially if they are not using any contraceptives. The tissue may just be a leftover piece of your hymen, the membrane partially covering your vaginal opening, which usually tears the first time you have intercourse. When the hymen is broken, a tissue remnant can remain at the opening, where you may not notice it, for a long time before it falls off. Some ladies who have constantly had normal vaginal delivery, and have been given episiotomy over time, may notice that their labia (the lips of the vulva) are long and uneven. Such ladies often wonder if they are okay. If you are one of them, I think the best thing to do is relax. It is not uncommon for one side of your labia to be a bit longer than the other, even though long or lopsided labia are nothing to be ashamed of or worried about.

The uterus is also another amazing sex organ that is so fragile and must be handled cautiously, especially when it comes to using contraceptives. It is not safe to expose this organ to uncensored pills and examinations. But at the same time, examinations like Pap smear must be done regularly to determine the state of the uterus. After the examination, you may notice a few drops of blood. But they are nothing to worry about. To do a Pap test, your doctor brushes a spatula-like device against your cervix, collecting mucus that under a microscope might reveal abnormal cells. It is possible for the device to scratch the cervix, triggering a small amount of bleeding. But alert your doctor, if the spotting goes on for more than 24 hours or if it is a steady flow of blood. Either is a sign of a potentially serious infection. A woman who is still in her childbearing age may likely experience some side effects by going off birth-control pills, even though the symptoms may vary depending on the specific hormone combo in the oral contraceptive. The clitoris is another female sex organ that requires a lot of attention. It is the organ that enhances sexual enjoyment in a woman. It varies in size and shape, although appearing to be divided in some women’s bodies, like two pearls, and sometimes causing them to feel a little embarrassed. But the fact that the clitoris may assume this dual form does not mean there is a medical problem and it also does not mean that it will trigger off multiple sensations in a woman when caressed.

The truth is that no matter what a lady looks like down there, the clitoris has the same capacity for helping her to achieve orgasm when it is appropriately stimulated. The clitoris consists of 8,000 nerve fibres, which are about twice as many as contained in the male penis. When stimulated, it becomes as hard as the penis. This important sex organ should be tenderly caressed during lovemaking in order not to inflame it and to avoid an infection. It must not be cut off in the name of female circumcision. When cleaning up, ladies should avoid the use of too much alkaline soap because it can disturb the natural pH level of the vulva and as a result, make the clitoris hard and painful. The reason is that the female vulva, which comprises the clitoris and other organs, produces slightly acidic pH that encourages growth of a bacteria known as lactobacillus, which keeps the clitoris in a healthy condition for as long as possible. The clitoris is the sex organ that makes it possible for a lady to have an orgasm. If she keeps experiencing healthy orgasms, there is the possibility that she won’t even have any more menstrual pain and cramps. Sexual orgasm actually minimizes or prevents menstrual pain and cramps. This is because the vigorous muscular activity that takes place during orgasm, down in the clitoris, releases tension and soothes pain, such that if a lady is not turned on because she is suffering from menstrual pain and her husband wants sex, it will eventually be to her advantage. Interestingly, orgasm increases the chances of conception occurring after intercourse.

This is because when a lady experiences orgasm, she retains more sperm in her body, thereby increasing the possibility of fertilization taking place in her womb. But couples should avoid frequent sexual intercourse during the wife’s menstrual period because she is more susceptible to infections at this time than any other. Besides, a healthy orgasmic sex is a natural antihistamine that can help combat asthma and common cold. That is why couples do not catch cold or sneeze in the middle of sexual act. The skin is another sexual organ that must be cared for. Couples should endeavor to have regular baths, at least twice daily, to prevent bad body odour. So, when couples form the habit of washing up in the morning and at bedtime, they are very likely to end up having very healthy skins, such as would be sexually appealing. But salty food, alcohol, soft drinks, and cigarettes can leave the skin in a bad shape, as a result of an overload of toxins.


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