Trump Administration Appeal Travel Ban.


Lawyers in the Trump administration have gone to the supreme court and requested for the suspended travel ban to go into effect. This comes as the supreme court is reviewing the legality of the ban after the court of appeal stated it was “Unconstitutional”.

The ban which was put in place by President Donald Trump was aimed at keeping refugees and immigrants from Seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering into the United States. The countries affected were Iran,Iraq,Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

The ban was unsurprisingly met with major backlash as thousands protested against it and world leaders alike raised a voice against it. The ban was eventually temporarily and partially blocked by a federal judge.

Trump’s administration in its recent appeal asked the nine justices to consider the legal basis of the ban by the president. The administration argued that the ban was in favour of national security and that it was not a case of religious intolerance and discrimination.

The supreme court is expected to hear out the government’s challenge and it would require five votes from the nine justices for the ban to stand.


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