Turkey frees one more German ‘political prisoner’

16.02.2018, Türkei, Istanbul: Der deutsch-türkische Journalist Deniz Yücel nach seiner Freilassung aus dem Gefängnis. Der "Welt"-Korrespondent Yücel ist nach einem Jahr Haft in einem türkischen Gefängnis frei. Die Freilassung Yücels wurde von einem Gericht angeordnet, nachdem die türkische Staatsanwaltschaft die Anklageschrift vorgelegt hatte. Foto: Can Erok/DHA-Depo Photos/AP/dpa +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++ |

Turkey has freed another German national held for political reasons, a foreign ministry spokesman said Friday in Berlin, in a sign of easing tensions between the NATO partners. The ministry spokesman did not give details about the identity of the freed German, but said the person was still blocked from leaving Turkish soil.

The latest release brings the number of Germans that Berlin says Turkey is holding for political reasons to four. It comes after the prominent release of German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yucel, who returned to Germany last week after a year in jail. German-Turkish relations have been soured over German criticism of Turkey’s human rights record, but have recently started to recover after Turkey released several German citizens.


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