100 Daesh Militants Killed in Mosul Mosque.


More than a hundred Daesh “Islamic State group Militants”  are said to have been killed in a suspected US bombing on their Iraq hideout after fighters took over a west mosul neighbourhood in a surprise counterattack.

The militants stormed the Dandan neighbourhood from the Tigris River killing 11 federal police and five civilians, highlighting the resilience of the group despite recent setbacks on the ground.

Fighters took over a mosque and used its loudspeakers to mobilise supporters with the cry “God is Great”. Militants then moved into the adjacent neighbourhoods of Dawasa and Nabi Sheet.

The mosque they were hiding was soon bombed by US forces according to media reports, with the Iraqi army reclaiming the territory.

ISIS have been reduced to a small territory in the Old City as the Iraqi military continues to press deeper into the jihadis’ former base station.


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