189,800 Unsafe Abortions, Maternal Deaths Averted Through Family Planning In Lagos


46,000 unsafe abortions, 143,000 unintended pregnancies and 800 maternal deaths have all been averted thanks to the uptake of family planning, by 600,000 women in less than six months said.

Repped by the Director, Family Health & Nutrition, Dr. Folashade Oludara, the ministry said such development helped in preventing needless deaths.

At the annual media forum organised by Development Communications Network, Devcoms, Oludara spoke on the topic, “Family Planning, Child Spacing: Empowering People, Building Nations,” in which she stated that if such danger could be prevented in less than six months in 2017 alone one can actually imagine what family planning does.

“Family Planning is one of the major components and pillars of Safe-motherhood. It is methods that assist individuals in deciding the number of children to have and when to have them. This will ultimately improve the economy of individuals, families and the nation as a whole.”

“Family planning brings life to mother as a person, it also creates healthy environment for the nation, and it allows our woman to reach old age and attain their full potential because so many women’s destinies are being cut short because of unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortion.

Regrettably for the ministry, the usage of contraceptives is still quite low.

 Oludara said that in Lagos every 100 working age adult is supporting 68 dependents.

“Where there is a high population of youth as seen in the Lagos pyramid with accompanying low uptake of FP because currently less than 10 percent of the target population is using FP, there is high tendency of unwanted pregnancies, abortions which can in-turn increase maternal and child mortalities.

“The resultant increase in population can also result in unemployment, lower life expectancy rate and this cannot be a proxy for improvements in actual economic dependency ratios,” She explained.



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