Farmers and Herdsmen Reach Common Ground


Hundreds of people are killed in Ngeria’s middle belt region each year due to clashes between cattle herding Fulani’s and farmers.

The violence has been on the increase in recent years as muslim herdsmen move towards more fertile land which is dominated by Christians according to analysts.

An aid agency referred to as “Mercy Corps” has however said that it has resolved over 500 disputes, in about 50 communities since 2013.

The agency said it has set up a programme to train local leaders in conflict resolution and establishing joint projects amongst the communities.

The aid agency which is funded by the British Department for International Development said the  “Violence between farmers and herdsmen in four states may have cost the country $14 billion or more a year in lost revenues.”

Mercy Corps peace-building adviser Lisa Inks said “Having the opportunity to work towards a common goal has helped to improve their relationship, and resolve disputes peacefully.”

“By tackling the drivers of conflict, mainly competition for scarce resources, these herders and farmers will be more likely to sustain peace.”

The adviser said the programme had also brought together farmers and herders to build joint markets, where they could trade with each other.


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