Apple Marks World Emoji Day With New Pictograms

New Emojis: Meditating and breastfeeding. Photograph C/O Apple

In celebration of world emoji day, July 17, leading tech company, Apple, revealed new the final versions of some of the new emoticons it will be introducing to iOS in the next version of iOS 11, which is due out this autumn.

New Emojis : The woman with headscarf addition & the doe-eyed bearded man.

The new items include “bearded person” and “breastfeeding”, and food items such as “sandwich” and “coconut”, Woman with Headscarf and T-Rex images.

New Emojis: A zombie , T rex as big as a zebra.

“More animals and mythical creatures like T rex, zebra, zombie and elf are a fun way to describe situations and new Star-Struck and Exploding Head smiley faces make any message more fun,” the company said.

Jeremy Burge, the head of emoji resource Emojipedia and creator of World EmojiDay, said he expects the smilies, which also include a vomiting face and a wacky face, to be the most popular.

Even with the latest additions, Burge confirmed that the redhead Emoji remains the most in demand and is yet to be added as one of apple’s emoticons.

“Emojipedia requests show a redhead emoji dominating requests for future additions,” he said. “Redhead is now a candidate for 2018, as well as curly hair and a bald headed person.

According to Burge, there is also a demand for the ‘hand heart’ emoji.



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