Azalea, Banks End Feud, To Collaborate On ‘Digital Distortion’


It seems that two of hip hop’s leading women, Azalea Banks and Iggy Azalea have put an end to their longstanding feud.

It has been revealed that things have been patched up with plans in the works for a collaboration.

Azalea unveiled over social media that Banks will appear on a track of “Digital Distortion,” the 27-year-old Australian’s upcoming second album, and said she wanted to move on from the feud.

“Public Service Announcement, Azealia is going to be on DD. We are collaborating,” Azalea wrote on Snapchat. “Burn your wigs now or preserve them in your freezer for release day.”

Azalea later elaborated on the collaboration through Twitter. “I don’t expect you guys to understand why I would collaborate with someone who has publicly said they hope I die,” she wrote.

“This has been something extremely negative for so long, if there is a way to make it positive and also be creative together, I’m here for it.”

“Also I think females in rap need to really be unified to prosper. We need more collaborations to happen,” she tweeted.

The animosity between Azalea and Banks began back in 2012, when Banks voiced her disagreement over XXL magazine’s choice of Azalea as the lone female rapper on its annual Freshman cover.

Things escalated when Banks slammed her for “cultural smudging”  following the overwhelming commercial success of the 27-year-old’s  debut album, “The New Classic,” in 2014.

Azalea caused a stir by rapping in the dialect of an African American from the southern United States, despite being white and speaking in an Australian accent off-stage.

Responding to Azalea’s announcement, Banks said on Instagram that the collaboration was not yet confirmed but that she would be “thrilled” to work with her.

“Yes, she and I had our differences in the past, but we were so young and that was so long ago,” wrote the 26-year-old New Yorker, who won critical acclaim for her track “212,” a danceable reflection on racial and sexual politics.

“She and I are both on a whole other level right now, and I have nothing but respect for her as a woman, an artist and a businesswoman,” she wrote.

Both Azalea and Banks have seen hiccups in their career since their feud. Azalea canceled a tour, saying she wanted to reconsider her sound.

Banks was suspended by Twitter after racist attacks on ex-One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik and has faced legal problems, recently admitting in court that she bit a bouncer in the breast after she did not recognize the rapper at a New York club.


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