Banki Town Returnees Receive Succor


More than 10,000 refugees from Banki town had fled to neighboring Cameroon and Niger to take refuge, leaving women and children under the domain of the insurgents .

In 2015 the Nigerian Military claimed to have recapture the town in the hands of the terrorist group with over 200 members of the insurgents surrendered.

Now that the town has reclaimed it sovereignty and peace is gradually resurfacing Access24 gathered that the IDPs have started returning to the town for livelihood.

A visit by correspondent Sani Adamu Musa reports shows that there is a serious humanitarian crisis in Banki town more than 2,000 people are leaving in a miserable life with no food, drinking water and medical facilities.

The National Emergency Management Agency has started the distribution of relief materials food and non-food items to the returnees.

The NEMA Director General Mustapha Yunusa Maija said, there are over 2,500 returnees from neighboring Cameroon Chad and Niger that need humanitarian assistance in Banki.

As the returnees loosed hope in the hands of the terrorist the Emergency Management Agency hope that with these assistance they will gradually regain their confidence and traumatic experiences.



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