Birth Registration Inadequate In Nigeria


Mr Eze Duruiheoma, chairman of the National Population Commission (NPopC), has said that over 4,000 birth registration centres in Nigeria are inadequate to register all births in the country effectively.

Mr Eze advocated for the construction of more well equipped birth registration centres so as to help in efforts to register all births effectively.

The chairman said “If we have enough centres to collect the records of all births and deaths in the country, undergoing census may become a thing of the past in our nation.”

Asides from well equipped facilities, the chairman said the lack of funds has hindered the efforts of the population commission.

The chairman said the commission needed over N222 billion to conduct another census in the country.

According to the chairman, the budget would cover the pre-census, census and post census phase, adding that the commission had presented the budget to the federal government.

The chairman said that the commission would continue to give advice to the government regarding census with the hope that it would act on it.


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