Brazil’s Temer released from hospital after heart procedure


Brazilian President Michel Temer, 77, was released from hospital Monday after undergoing angioplasty in three blocked coronary arteries, doctors said. “President Temer was discharged today and can return to his normal activities,” the Sirio-Libanes Hospital in Sao Paulo said in a statement.

Temer, who polls show is Brazil’s most unpopular leader on record, was admitted late Friday. He underwent the procedure to widen obstructed arteries and to have at least one stent implanted. Doctors said the procedure was a success. Temer’s latest health problems meant he put off a planned visit Monday by Bolivia’s President Evo Morales. Morales’ trip to Brazil had already been delayed in October.

Globo television quoted doctors saying that Temer had been at risk of a heart attack when he was examined Friday and that stents were placed in two arteries to help them stay open. In October, Temer was diagnosed with a slight blockage of a coronary artery, his office said. He was put on a low-fat diet and told to take aspirin.

That same month, he underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate. Temer is the first president in the country to face criminal charges while still in office. He is accused of obstruction of justice and racketeering but denies wrongdoing. As long as he remains in office he will not have to face trial, after Congress voted to reject the charges against him.


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