Demonstrators Protest Vladimir Putin.


Thousands of anti-government activists challenging President Vladimir Putin’s rule were protesting across Russia earlier on Monday.  The demonstrators were protesting against his policies  and the economic stagnation that has held the country for several years.

Putin received positive reviews during his second presidential campaign, there however remains a significant discontent with his rule which is not discussed much in the Russian media. This is so as most of the media is owned by the government and people connected to Putin.

The Moscow protest is one of over 200 that have taken place in various cities across the nation. June 12 is known as Russia Day and is traditionally a celebration of various achievements of the nation throughout history, particularly of a military nature.

Due to the protest, Russian police arrested opposition leader Alexei Navalny before he could make it out of his house to the protest. Navalny has become the most prominent figure in an opposition that has been troubled by factional disputes.

Navalny has announced his candidacy for the presidential election in 2018.


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