Dutch police arrest man after knife drama


Dutch police arrested a man Thursday in the country’s central broadcasting centre of Hilversum, after he took a woman hostage following an altercation in a parking lot, a spokeswoman said. “What we know is that a man and a woman had a fight in a parking lot outside the building,” said police spokeswoman Helen de Heer.
“The man threatened the woman and then both of the went inside the building,” she told a media agency shortly after the crisis started. Agents a short while later arrested a 33-year-old suspect who was armed with a knife, police said a statement. “The woman, who was examined by paramedics was unharmed,” police added.
The incident started shortly before 0700 GMT in the central Dutch town southeast of Amsterdam, where the national broadcaster NPO as well as several private television and media firms are based.
Police surrounded the building and nobody was allowed to enter, spokeswoman De Heer said. Staff inside the building, which houses one arm of NPO, were unharmed.
It was not clear whether there was a direct link between the incident and the broadcaster.
“The victim said she did not know the man. We are investigating why he did it,” the police statement added, asking for witnesses to come forward.


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