Egyptian Media Union Suspends Two Female Presenters For Inappropriate Content


Egypt’s newly founded media union has ordered the temporary suspension of TV presenters Reham Saeed and Doaa Salah for discussing topics on screen that “violate public norms,” state news agency MENA reported.

According to the state news agency MENA on Tuesday, the two presenters – Reham Saeed and Doaa Salah – have been suspended for 3 months, head of the union Hamdi al-Kinaisi said in a statement, however, both presenters can appeal the decision the 15 days.

Reham Saeed is reported to have discussed extra-marital affairs on her show ‘Sabaya al-Kheir’ hosted on private TV channel Al-Nahar last week by introducing a married woman and her lover.

Snapshot from Al-Nahar TV of Reham Saeed

Hamdi said that what Saeed did exploited a deviant situation in Egyptian society and contradicts with professional and ethical standards, adding that this was not the first time the TV host had introduced such a theme and exploited the media for her purposes.

Al-Kinaisi said that this was not the first time Saeed has exploited such stories for media attention.

Last year, Saeed was handed two prison sentences totalling one year and six months and fined EGP 25,000 for defaming a sexual assault victim on her show. She successfully appealed both sentences.

Media Personnel Syndicate head, Hamdi al-Konaisi, said that the union additionally decided to suspend TV host Doaa Salah for 3 months after she had been reported to have discussed the choices of women to be single mothers on her television show on the same channel last week.

Doaa Salah

The statement said that the TV host committed moral and professional transgressions, in terms of traditional Egyptian society, on her show Ma’a Dody and promoted “immoral ideas that are alien to our society and threatens the fabric of the Egyptian family.”

Al-Konaisi said the decision to suspend Salah was partially prompted by her performance of a number “bizarre and controversial acts” on her programme.

On the episode in question, Salah wore a fake pregnant belly to highlight her point.

In an older episode, Salah presented the show’s intro while sitting up in a bathtub in the studio.

The union’s statement said that Al-Nahar channel will be notified of the decision to suspend both hosts, which the channel must uphold or else be considered liable.

The media union was founded under a new media law passed earlier this year to regulate the media and outline professional standards for radio, TV and online outlets.





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