FIFA Suspends Sudan

FIFA President Gianni Infantino (Middle), with SFA officials

Football governing body FIFA have suspended Sudan with immediate effect due to government interference in the Sudan Football Association (SFA).

The decision restricts the Sudanese national team from playing in  all continental competitions and international matches.

The suspension, which follows an earlier FIFA Council decision on June 27, will be lifted when the SFA Board of Directors and its President Mutasim Gaafar Sir Eklkhatim are reinstated, FIFA said in a statement.

FIFA’s move follows the sidelining of the SFA president, who was replaced by Abdel Rahman Elkatim on June 2 after a decree from the Sudanese government.

On June 27 world football’s governing body had asked Sudan to cancel the decree and reinstate  Gaafar before the end of the month, which Sudan declined to do.


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