Hamas militant dies in attack tunnel

An Israeli army officer gives journalists a tour, Friday, July 25, 2014, of a tunnel allegedly used by Palestinian militants for cross-border attacks, at the Israel-Gaza Border. A network of tunnels Palestinian militants have dug from Gaza to Israel, dubbed "lower Gaza" by the Israeli military, is taking center stage in the latest war between Hamas and Israel. (AP Photo/Jack Guez, Pool)

A Palestinian from the Hamas militant group died Wednesday after what was believed to be the collapse of an attack tunnel in Gaza, a statement said. Mahmud al-Safadi, 31, died “during his work in one of the resistance tunnels,” a statement from Hamas’s armed wing said, using a phrase commonly used by the group to refer to tunnels used for attacks against Israel.

A Palestinian militant of the National Resistance

The statement did not provide further details of the incident or the location but Arabic media reported a partial collapse of a tunnel. Dozens of Palestinian militants have died in tunnel incidents in recent years, the majority in seeming accidents. In October Israel blew up a tunnel stretching under the border, killing 12 militants.

Hamas’s tunnels were a key weapon for the militant group in the last war with Israel in 2014. Earlier this month Israel revealed details of a massive underground barrier being built along the border with the Gaza Strip in a bid to neutralise the threat of attack tunnels.


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