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The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat’s head, Alhaji Barrister Alatoye Folorunsho Azeez urges Nigeria to obey the will of the Almighty Allah in all respects, as Muslims celebrate the feast of sacrifice according to the statements released on Sunday 18th Sunday, 2020.

Alhaji Alatoye quoted from the Quran Suratel Maida that ” without spirit of respect, spirit of obedience would not work . Without spirit of humility, neither spirit of respect nor obedience will work. And without spirit of righteousness or godliness, one cannot be humble, he explained in his statement.

He further explained that the economic hardship in the country has deprived many Muslims to afford killing a ram , he reminded everyone who can afford to sacrifice a ram to remember the significance of doing so as stated in the Quran.

He added that “the ram should be shared into three, one part for the eating, one neighbours and one part to the needy.

In his exact words “we should love Allah as if we have died in His way. Just as we slaughter animals, we should consider ourselves slaughtered in the way of Allah, when anyone’s Taqwa is less than this, then it is not a sufficient level of Taqwa.

He extensively explained that Eid-ul-Adha is an occasion on which Muslims everywhere are encouraged to renew their commitment to make every kind of sacrifice for the spiritual, moral, social and economic uplift of mankind. It also commemorate the obedience of Hazrat Ismail to the commandment of Allah.

He added that “the media should report the true messages of Islam, while the government allow freedom of expressions and allow the existing laws to deal with purveyor of fake news.

The current World-wide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Eid-ul-Adha, Hassrat Ahmad Khalifatul Masih the fifth said “it is a reminder that one should sacrifice oneself for a greater good. This greater good that a Muslim should always be ready to sacrifice oneself for, is the Almighty God, by way of sacrificing their time, wealth, honour and life.

He further said “understanding the true spirit of sacrifice is even more important in this day and age where some nations are usurping the rights of others; where the blood of human beings is being wasted for minor worldly goals.

The head of Ahmadiyya in Nigeria, Alhaji Alatoye called on the government to approach the act of governance with act of sacrifice. He noted that “in an economy where income is not sufficient to cover operating expenses, it will not be too much if all the political leaders in government in Nigeria can serve for free without salaries or any allowances. This is because , they are already well to do and it will be an act of sacrifice on their part if they can contribute to national economic recovery.

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