Kanye West Sues Insurer Over Life Of Pablo Tour Cancellations


Last year, Kanye West‘s tour in support of his album The Life of Pablo was was abruptly put on hold as on Oct. 2, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian-West, was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, resulting in the cancellation of two shows (one which of which he walked out mid-set after hearing the news)Seven weeks later, the producer and rapper was admitted to the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital for eight days. As a result, West canceled the rest of the scheduled tour.

Kanye West filed a lawsuit Tuesday against insurance company, Lloyd’s of London for $10 million, alleging the insurer is refusing to pay claims stemming from the cancellation of his tour following a reported mental breakdown.

The 40-year-old rap superstar filed a claim with Lloyd’s shortly after cutting short the second leg of his “Saint Pablo Tour” in November and checking himself into a Los Angeles clinic, according to the suit, lodged in Los Angeles federal court.

In the suit filed yesterday in a U.S. district court in California, West’s lawyers accuse Lloyd’s of employing various tactics to invalidate West’s claim for $9,860,843.51.

West says he and his company Very Good Touring Inc. still haven’t been paid and that the insurance giant is intentionally stalling.

“Nor have they provided anything approaching a coherent explanation about why they have not paid… implying that Kanye’s use of marijuana may provide them with a basis to deny the claim and retain the hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums paid by Very Good,” the complaint reads.

The “Saint Pablo Tour” was set to run through December 31 before the last 21 shows were shelved, but West had taken out insurance in case cancellations were needed, the lawsuit states.

“The stalling is emblematic of a broader modus operandi of the insurers of never-ending post-claim underwriting where the insurers hunt for some contrived excuse not to pay,” the suit alleges.

“The artists think they’re buying peace of mind. The insurers know they’re just selling a ticket to the courthouse,” West’s lawyers write. The lawyers say three other insurers have already paid claims made on the tour.

West’s lawyers also accuse Lloyd’s of leaking information to the press and of requesting examinations under oath — to which West and eleven others assented — as a stalling tactic. In the filing, West’s representatives also assert that Lloyd’s has indicated that “Kanye’s use of marijuana may provide them with a basis to deny the claim.”

A spokesperson for Lloyd’s told NPR in an email today that the company would not comment on specific suits, but had paid £14 billion in claims over the last year, and that it “always take steps to find a solution amicable to both clients and insurers where there are disagreements … However, where an agreement cannot be reached, valid claims can only be paid on syndicates being satisfied that they have the information required to make any payment.”





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