Kenya Right Activist Protest Death Of Electoral Official Msando


Kenyan rights activists took to the streets Tuesday to protest the murder of a top election official, whose death stunned the nation ahead of an already tense vote on August 8.
The body of Chris Msando, charged with overseeing the country’s crucial electronic voting system, was found naked with signs of torture in a forest on the outskirts of Nairobi over the weekend.
“Kenya has an unfortunate history of assassinations for political expediency and there is a chilling familiarity in the sequence of events… that makes it difficult to dismiss the sinking feeling that we have been here before,” he said.
Msando, who had been declared missing on Saturday, was identified by family members on Monday, prompting an outpouring of condemnation from rights groups and the international community. In a joint statement, the ambassadors of the United States and Britain said they were “gravely concerned” by the murder and offered their countries’ assistance in the probe.
Msando had made several television appearances in the days before his death to assure Kenyans of the reliability of the electronic voting system which crashed during the 2013 elections leading to accusations of poll fraud.
The country is still haunted by the memory of post-election violence which broke out in 2007 after a disputed poll, leaving more than 1,100 dead.
“There’s plenty reason to believe that this cruel and selfish act is related to the election,” said anti-corruption campaigner John Githongo.
Kenyatta called on the nation to remain united ahead of the election and ensure that “the ideal for which he lived the free and fair choice of our leaders is realised.”


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