New Minimum Wage For Nigerian Workers.


The trade union congress of Nigeria and the Nigeria Labour congress have said the proposed 56,000 minimum wage is for all States of the federation.

The unions stated that no consideration or waivers would be granted to the 26 states that are currently not able to pay present wages. The minimum wage law would be enforced whether in the public or private sector.

The unions stated that the 26 states were capable of paying the minimum wage but due to the mismanagement of resources and not taking advantage of the natural resources in their states.

In response to the unions the Federal Government set up a panel to look into the request for  upward adjustment of the minimum wage from the existing N18,000 per month to the requested N56,000.

The General Secretary of the NLC , Dr. Peter Ozo-Eson that the proposed minimum wage was one of the things to be done to prevent the economy from sliding into recession through increase in the purchasing power of the workers.



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