Nigerian President tags #Budget2018 as ‘Budget of Consolidation’


President Muhammadu Buhari presented the 2018 budget to the National Assembly in Abuja. The President laid a budget size of N8.612tn before the legislature for 2018, an increase of N1.7tn from the N7.44tn appropriated in 2017.

Buhari, who wore sky-blue Hausa native attire and a matching cap, addressed lawmakers for 1hour and13minutes amid applause and intermittent murmurs by senators and members of the House.

The President said he had released up to N450bn out of the N2.2tn budgeted for 2017 capital projects as of the end of October.

He promised to raise the implementation of 2017 budget to “about 50 per cent” by the end of December, blaming the delayed in the release of funds partly on the “late passage of the 2017 budget.”

In reaction to the presentation of 2018 Budget proposal by President Muhammadu Buhari to the National Assembly on Tuesday, November 7 have taken to social media to express mixed reactions on the budget.

While many were of the view that the President demonstrated much strength by standing for a long period of time despite his previous failing health which saw him seeking medical treatment abroad, others hilariously raised observation that the budget should have made provision for Nigerian music videos and salary for jobless youths.

The title of the Budget as the “Budget of Consolidation” was of more interest to some others.

See the reactions below.


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