Pakistan Orders Shell To Pay $2.4m

Scene of the tanker accident.

The Pakistani government has ordered Shell Pakistan to pay at least $2.4 million in compensation after more than 200 people were killed by one of its tankers.

The Shell tanker crashed on a main highway in central Punjab province while carrying some 50,000 litres of fuel from Karachi to Lahore on June 25.

The tanker overturned and exploded few minutes later causing a devastating inferno which sent fireballs to nearby crowds who had gathered to scavenge the spilled fuel.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has found shell Pakistan responsible for the incident and subsequently fined the organisation 10 million rupees ($100,000 dollars).

OGRA’s investigation found that Shell never checked if the private tanker it had hired complied with safety standards.

Authority Spokesman Imran Ghaznavi said “Shell Pakistan has also been ordered to pay one million rupees compensation to the families of each deceased and 500,000 rupees for each of the injured.”

The fine would require shell to pay at least $2.48 million in total to the families of the dead.


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