Police Deploys 600 Personnel.


The Nigerian police has promised to ensure the safety of Nigerians in all parts of the country and has deployed 600 personnel and 90 vehicles to patrol the road.

The Deputy inspector general of police in charge of operations, Habila Josah said the police force were deployed along the kaduna-abuja express way to reduce crimes such as armed robbery and kidnapping on the road.

Recent reports have stated that about twenty persons were recently kidnapped along Kaduna-Abuja highway and it has become a notorious hot bed for kidnap and robbery cases.

The DIG explained that 60 of the patrol vehicles would be dedicated to patrolling the Kaduna-Abuja Highway, while the remaining 30 will patrol the Kaduna-Zaria axis of Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Highway.

He assured Nigerians that there would not be any situation and the force will be robust in their actions. He promised that there would be no more kidnapping on the road saying “We have done it before. We will do it again.”



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