Police Intercept Weapons Headed To Britain

The guns recovered by police.

A large haul of guns has been recovered from a vehicle about to enter the UK, according to police. The total weapons recovered were seventy-nine in number.

The weapons were recovered from the trailer of a van that was stopped at Coquelles on the French side of the Channel Tunnel by Border Force officers on Saturday.

Two men, a Polish and Czech national, were arrested in connection with the raid.

Graham Gardner, the NCA’s deputy director of investigations, said: “Our recent threat assessment highlights that handguns are still commonly favoured by some criminal groups in the UK.

“They may not be the largest firearm, but they are easily concealable and lethal in the hands of anyone prepared to use them.”

The 4mm and 6mm weapons and ammunition were found hidden in specially-adapted engine blocks, the NCA said.


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