Portugal Charge Police With Torture Of Young Blacks


Portugese prosecutors have charged 18 police officers for detaining and torturing six young men of African origin who had attempted to protest another young man’s arrest.

The officers who were representing the entier police force in Alfragide, Portugal are set to face trial over torture and cruel treatment of the young men.

The incident occurred in February 2015, when five of the men went to the station to protest the violent arrest of one of their friends.

The five men were then detained and “humiliated” according to the Diario de Noticias newspaper citing the conclusions of a judicial investigation.

The portuguese paper said the “the six were held for 48 hours, during which they were victims of tremendous physical and psychological violence by officials of an authority dominated by feelings of xenophobia, hate and racial discrimination.”

Portugese police have responded by invoking the principle of the presumption of innocence, adding that two officers had already faced disciplinary sanctions.


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