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Premier Hospital VI Under Fire For Gross Negligence

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Premier Hospital VI has come under fire following claims of gross negligence by the Family of the founder and CEO of I Luv Desserts, Mrs Peju Ugboma, who died following treatment at the hospital.

Peju sustained internal bleeding, according to tests conducted by LASUTH pathologists witnessed by reputable witnesses and Premier Specialist Medical Centre supported the claims of gross negligence. The autopsy revealed that her belly and pelvic region was filled with almost 2 litres of blood.

Peju was admitted to Premier Specialist Hospital on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021, as advised by the hospital, to undergo elective surgery for a fibroid problem, according to the family.

It was not an emergency surgical operation, as she went into the hospital unassisted. Before the surgery, she had completed all of the requisite examinations, including the ECG, PCV, and Covid -19 tests. Prior to surgery, her vital signs were normal, and she had no pre-existing conditions.

The family also notes that all payments were made for the preliminary tests, and according to the hospital’s directive, a N1.5million payment was to be made, of which the family deposited N1million.

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The surgery was carried out on the morning of Friday April 23rd 2021 by Drs. Akinsiku, Iwuh, Asemota, Renner, and some other medical personnel in Premier Specialist Hospital, Victoria Island.

On Friday, Peju’s husband saw her after the operation, and she complained of extreme abdominal pain and nausea, which he thought was normal for anyone recovering from surgery. Her blood pressure, on the other hand, had fallen to the 50/30 mark. Since she had lost a lot of blood after the surgery, the doctors gave her a blood transfusion.

She told her husband early Saturday morning that the veins in her hands had failed and that the hospital tried to inject her fluids into a vein between her neck and collarbone. She also noted that the doctors informed her that her kidneys were not working optimally, and a Consultant Nephrologist had been called in to see her that Saturday morning. This came as a shock to them all, as all of their scans had come out normal before surgery. The Consultant arrived on time but ignored all of their questions.

She had received three pints of blood by Saturday evening. Despite her discomfort and fears raised by her husband, the family claims that none of the gynaecologists who conducted the operation attended to her on Saturday.

That same Saturday evening, her blood pressure dipped further. The family allege that Dr Renner told her husband that they would need to move her to the ICU. He was asked to pay an additional N1.5 million before she could be transferred to the ICU, and he paid the money without delay. Peju was admitted into the ICU immediately after payment.

According to the family, Dr Renner then informed her husband that he wanted an extra 3 pints of freshly donated B+ blood because Premier Specialist Hospital’s blood banks were out. As a result, he had no choice but to organize a blood drive for his friends and relatives. A total of 9 pints of blood were donated that night after some volunteers were tested.

Peju was moaning of extreme pains, and her eyes had become yellowish when this was going on. She was sedated intravenously at midnight on Saturday.

Her husband was stunned to learn that his wife had been placed on a respirator by 6.30 a.m. on Sunday, and Dr Renner told her husband that her health had worsened during the night. Her husband also noticed that she was pale and that her eyes were wired shut, but she was still breathing, and the monitors were still reading.

Peju’s husband had contacted a family friend who works as a consulting gynaecologist in the United Kingdom. The Consultant became concerned and demanded to meet with doctors at Premier Hospital. He met with Drs. Asemota and Iwuh, as well as Dr Oshinowo, the medical director. He claimed unequivocally that he believed she was suffering from serious internal bleeding and that she wanted to be taken back to the operating room right away so the bleeding could be stopped. According to the family, the Premier team, on the other hand, disregarded his advice.

Premier decided to move Peju to a hospital for a CT scan and perhaps dialysis. Her husband was told at 10 a.m. on Sunday that his wife will be transferred to Evercare Hospital, Lekki Phase 1. However, it took three hours for her to be transferred to Evercare.

As soon as she arrived, she was welcomed by their medical staff and rushed to the ICU. Her husband was advised he wanted to pay Evercare another N1 million, which he promptly did. She was greeted by their medical staff and rushed to the ICU as soon as she arrived. Her husband was told he needed to pay another N1 million to Evercare, which he did right away.

Before the medical records were released, the relatives of the deceased paid a visit to Premier Hospital, where they engaged the doctors and administrators in a screaming match that nearly turned violent.

According to the deceased’s relatives, the medical records submitted to the independent pathologist may have been tampered with or distorted.

Peju bled internally from Friday after surgery until Sunday, when she died, according to her relatives, and it’s surprising that Premier Hospital was reportedly incompetent in failing to notice this and save her life.

Peju’s untimely death has left two little girls, a devastated husband, and an elderly mother and loved ones behind.

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