Prosecutor Demands Withdrawal Of Nice Attack Photos From Paris Match

Investigators and police stand next to the truck used to attack pedestrians in Nice on Bastille Day, 2016. Image C/O AFP

The Paris prosecutor on Thursday demanded the withdrawal of the latest edition of Paris Match which contains surveillance camera images from last year’s Bastille Day attack that killed 86 people in Nice from newsstands.

It asked the court “to order the withdrawal from sale” of the weekly news magazine, which came out Thursday, and “ban publication in all formats, notably digital”, of the issue, which has angered the victims’ families. A judge is to rule on the request at 12:00 GMT.

The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, also criticized the publication of what he called “abject” pictures that “would bring back pain for families.”

In defense of the publication’s decision to publish the surveillance camera images, Paris Match editor-in-chief Olivier Royant said that the magazine “wanted to honour the victims” and that there was a “duty to remember, so that society won’t forget.”

“The photos of the truck from that night have been widely published by other media outlets in the past year…they are distant shots in which none of the victims can be identified, and they don’t infringe on their dignity,” he said.

In an editorial published on the Paris Match website shortly before midnight on Wednesday, managing editor Olivier Royant said the magazine “aims to fight tooth and nail for the right of citizens, and first and foremost of victims, to know exactly what happened during the attack”.

The attack, claimed by so-called Islamic State, was part of a wave of jihadist-inspired murders in France.




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