Queen’s Speech To Be Delayed.


The Queens speech in which the government sets out its legislative programme has been delayed for a few days. The delay in the speech has prompted concerns that a deal between the conservatives and Democratic Unionist Party could be under threat.

Westminster sources have confirmed that the speech will be held back for a couple of days to allow both parties agree on the small print of a confidence and supply agreement.

Sources have said there are no threatening implications regarding the delay. Another source also stated that the delay was understandable  given that the date of the Speech had been set before the result of the election was known.

One of the reasons for the delay is also believed to be because the speech has to be written on goat’s skin parchment paper, which takes a few days to dry  and the Tory negotiations with the DUP mean it cannot be ready in time.

The Queens speech was scheduled for the 19th of June.



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