Royal Gifts Go On Display


Over 200 gifts presented to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II from world leaders like John F. Kennedy and Nelson Mandela during her 65-year reign are to go on display in Buckingham Palace in a special exhibition.

The queen, who turned 91 in April, is Britain’s longest serving monarch and has visited more than 100 countries and territories across the world.

Visitors to the State Rooms of the royal residence in London will see a wide variety of objects, which have been presented to the monarch during tours and engagements both at home and abroad.

A handwritten note of John F. Kennedy’s “high esteem” for his royal host as well as the Union Flag badge worn by in space by Major Tim Peake CMG presented to the queen by the astronaut himself will be seen.

Some other noteworthy gifts include a paperweight made from a fossilised dinosaur bone presented in Canada in 1959 and a strip of the ribbon cut by the queen and France’s President Mitterand at the opening of the Eurotunnel in 1994.

There will be a commemorative display showcasing some of Princess Diana’s belongings, ahead of the 20th anniversary of her death next month alongside the Royal Gifts exhibition.

The exhibition is a tribute to many of the official duties that Diana undertook before her death in Paris in 1997.

The personal effects on display were selected by Prince William and Prince Harry, the Princess of Wales’ two sons.

The Royal Gifts exhibition and the tribute to Princess Diana can be seen at the Summer Opening of the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace from July 22 to October 1.



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