Russian Internet’s “Godfather”, Anton Nossik Dies At 51


A pioneer in Russian language internet and prominent public figure, Anton Nossik, has died at the age of 51.

Nossik was often described as the godfather of the Russian internet, co-founding and editing Russia’s biggest online publications.

Nossik, 51, was with friends at a dacha when he suffered a sudden heart attack during the night of July 9, his wife confirmed on Sunday.

Nosik in 1999 was one of the founders of Russia’s first Internet news publication, called, and went on to launch other hugely popular news sites including and, working as a start-up manager and editor, and later becoming one of the country’s most-read bloggers.

Nossik developed the Russian language internet into a platform for news and debate, popular for his outspoken views.

“Nosik was one of the pioneers of the Runet,” wrote Vedomosti business daily, using the slang term for the Russian-language web.

In recent years, Nosik stepped away from media management and was primarily known as a popular blogger and commentator, while the Internet news sites he helped launch changed ownership and became less opinionated and critical of the Kremlin.

Nosik’s death was announced by his close friend, media publisher Demyan Kudryavtsev, who wrote on Facebook: “Yes it’s true, Anton Nosik died in Moscow last night.”

Nossik’s death came as a shock to Russian Social Media.


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