Six Thai Soldiers Killed By Bomb

Thai Soldiers Investigating the Site of an explosion.

Six Thai soldiers were killed and four injured when a roadside bomb hit their patrol truck in the insurgency-plagued south.

Police said the bomb hit the pick-up as it was carrying ten soldiers along a dirt road in Pattani province, leaving a pile of rubble and twisted car parts.

The Muslim-majority border region has been hit by violence for over a decade as ethnic Malay insurgents battle the government of Buddhist-majority Thailand for more autonomy.

The latest bomb was planted on dirt road and exploded as soldiers on a routine patrol were passing, said district police chief Colonel Pruk Liangsukwho.

The colonel said “It is likely the work of violent groups in the area because this area is a red area.” There have been no claims as to the attacks, which is a regular pattern in Thailand.



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