South Sudan Sacks 12 Judges

South Sudan's President, Salva Kiir.

South Sudan’s President, Salva Kiir, has sacked 12 judges, who had been on strike over poor pay and living conditions since May 2.

South Sudan has been plunged into civil war since 2013, just two years after it gained its independence.

The 5 year conflict has crippled the country’s economy and its currency has being rendered almost worthless.

Civil servants and soldiers have gone unpaid for months and have resorted to strike in a bid to force reform in the judicial system.

President Kiir issued a decree that dismissed a group of 12 judges.

Deputy Information Minister, Akol Kordit, said, “These judges, who were supposed to deliver justice obstructed justice themselves. They denied our people justice for reasons that could be resolved through administrative channels.”

Guri Raymondo, a spokesman for the judges’ union, said “These were the demands we put forward. Now the complainers have been sacked.”

“We will seat down and hear from the general assembly what is the next step.”

South Sudan had only 274 judges on its payroll in its last budget, some of whom have since resigned.



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