Streaming Site, Tidal Receives Boost


Rap mogul, Jay-Z has been enjoying a surge of interest on his high fidelity music streaming service, Tidal, ever since the exclusive release of his album, 4:44 on the platform.

Acquired by Jay-Z in 2015, which trails being leading streaming services such as Spotify and apple has seen a jump in downloads coinciding with the release of Jay-Z’s album on Friday.

As at Friday and Saturday, Tidal was the most downloaded app for iPhones in the United States, jumping 163 places from Thursday, according to tracking service App Annie.

It stood at number six on Monday, behind app stalwarts such as Instagram.

Jay-Z chose to release “4:44” exclusively on Tidal, with the album promoted by telecom provider Sprint, which recently bought a one-third stake in the platform amid the rapid growth of streaming worldwide.

Other stars including Beyonce who released their albums through Tidal eventually made them available for download on Apple’s iTunes or on rival streaming platforms.

The exclusive arrangement has brought uncanny moments. The album release set tongues wagging with loaded lyrics which he supposedly made against fellow rapper Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian.

The lyrics turned out to be the musical equivalent of fake news — with Jay-Z taking West to task but more lightly. Some social media users acknowledged they could not access the album to verify for themselves.




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