Tech Firms Urged To Do More After London Attacks.


Tech industries such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have come under huge criticism after the recent wave of terror attacks in the United Kingdom. British leaders are calling for  international regulations to hinder extremists who use cyberspace to spread their message and recruit supporters.

In response to this criticism several tech companies have responded stating they already have measures in place to alert of such terror threats. Facebook said that it already implements the measures that is being demanded and that stringent policies against terrorism are already in place.

A spokesperson for Google said that the company is “already working with industry colleagues on an international forum to accelerate and strengthen our existing work in this area”.

Twitter’s UK head of public policy, Nick Pickles, said that the platform continues “to expand the use of technology as part of a systematic approach to removing this type of content”.

Twitter stated that 376,890 accounts had been suspended in the second half of 2017 for promoting messages of terrorism most of which were identified by twitter itself.

Last week, the European Union’s executive arm cheered such efforts, saying that each of the companies had boosted removal of illegal content, including terrorist propaganda, 59% of the time when it was flagged for review, up from a rate of 28% six months ago.

British leaders however insist the internet companies can do more.


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